An introduction to me, the founder of the Little Green Cream Company, its ethos and principles, and how it all started.

My name is Annie Powell and I am the founder of The Little Green Cream Company.

As the name suggests, The Little Green Cream Company is small and green.  All of my ingredients are friendly to our environment, GMO free, not tested on any animals and contain no animal products other than beeswax used in the barrier bars and some of the balms. All of my creams, face oils and the vegan balm are vegan. The barrier bars and organic balm both contain beeswax, so are not vegan but are suitable for vegetarians.

I am not a ‘products’ person. I spent much of the 90s and 00s living simply in a 16 foot caravan with no mains water or electricity with my two young daughters. I was shocked when I stepped back in to mainstream society to find many products such as face cream, toothpaste, and sun cream contained ingredients designed to clean garage forecourts, known carcinogens, and chemicals that are harmful to the skin and to the planet. So, in 2007, I decided to make alternatives that contained the best, wherever possible organic, ingredients without making my products inaccessible to ordinary people (ie keeping costs and profits to a minimum without compromising quality) and without ‘Costing the Earth’. At this time I was working as a masseuse and as such was allowed to sell my new products to friends and clients. Then, in 2011 I slipped two discs in my back and had to find a new direction which is when I decided to go public with my products.

Many of us care about what we put in our bodies and the effect this has not only on us but also on our beautiful planet. Clear your conscience while protecting and feeding your skin. Enjoy!

All of my ingredients (except the organic beeswax) are obtained from Aromantics, a company based in Scotland, who are friendly, approachable and ethical. They can be contacted on 01309 696900 or at for further information on individual ingredients and their sources.