An introduction to The Little Green Cream Company.

The Little Green Cream Company is dedicated to bringing top quality products to you at affordable prices without compromising quality and without costing the Earth.

All of my plant based ingredients come from renewable resources, are organic wherever possible and contain no GMOs. The organic beeswax I use in my barrier bars and some of my balms comes from small beekeepers who love their bees. Nothing is tested on any animals. The emulsifiers I use meet Norwegian vegan food standards and I don’t use any ingredients derived from the petroleum industry in any of my products as many of these can be harmful to the skin and also to the planet!

Packaging is also an important consideration for me. I try to place minimal impact on the environment with the re-useable glass jars that I use for the creams and balms and the brown paper and greaseproof paper that I use to wrap the barrier cream bars. I also sell refill jars for my face oil bottles.

The face creams contain a preservative without which they would have a shelf life of two to three weeks rendering them unfeasible. As with all of my cream’s ingredients the preservative is as natural as possible being entirely plant derived.

As with all products there is a risk of an allergic reaction so an allergy test is always recommended. Just apply a little of the chosen product to the inside of the elbow and leave for 24 hours. If no reaction occurs i.e. reddening of the skin or irritation, use as directed. If you do suffer any reaction please feel free to contact me and I will arrange a refund.
Incidentally, this has never happened yet!

Feel at ease knowing that all of my products are produced by hand with love and contain nothing that will harm the beautiful planet we were given.


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